About Me

I'm a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) since 2005; I was a La Leche League Leader for 12 years; and I currently work in a hospital and private practice. I made this website as a resource for parents and professionals who aren't satisfied with conventional breastfeeding education, which teaches that almost everyone can breastfeed if they do everything right and have enough support. The reality of breastfeeding can be so different. For many, many mothers, it can be hard to establish a full milk supply and a comfortable latch, even with highly qualified support. Just like childbirth, there is very little about breastfeeding that is always simple and easy for every mother and baby. 

Is it worth it? I think so. At least it was for me, and for many mothers I know personally and professionally. I really enjoyed the closeness with my babies, and the knowledge that my milk was made especially for them. The comfort of nursing soothed many upsets and kept them hydrated when they were sick. It was a special time in my life that I will always remember with deep fondness.

But that is enough about me, because who I am doesn't really matter. The information I've shared speaks for itself, and I encourage you to read the references I’ve linked, then decide for yourself whether my site is useful or relevant to you and your family.

Ok, fine: here’s the rest of my life story.